Our Goal is to assist Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Ltd. attain an effective and efficient operation by delivering quality service of high technical value



Kalrez Wireline  is a division of Operation Department at Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Ltd, a leading energy company in Indonesia.

Kalrez Wireline delivers up to date services for onshore shallow well completion, utilizing high-performance perforating systems, and advanced well completion solutions, in normal and hostile well environments.

Our Field Service unit is a Skid Unit with a simple Logging system. Kalrez Wireline performed both Open Hole and Cased Hole Services, especially for shallow well (Maximum depth services 1300 M).

Complete Basic Open Hole could be perform by us, except Acoustic Log (Sonic Log). Our services included : Gamma Ray , Resistivity (Short Guard & Deep Guard), Compensated Neutron, Compensated Density and Temperature.

Cased Hole Services including Gamma Ray, Neutron and Perforation.

With slim hole tools & simple system, we  safe more operation  time than complex logging system.




Kalrez Plan on Tools & Equipments
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