Our Goal is to assist Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Ltd. attain an effective and efficient operation by delivering quality service of high technical value



Kalrez Wireline  is a division of Operation Department at Kalrez Petroleum (Seram) Ltd, a leading energy company in Indonesia.

Kalrez Wireline offers  well completion and  utilizing electric wireline logging units, in safe, efficient and high standard of quality manners.

Kalrez Wireline is committed to deliver reliable high-quality services thru continuous technology improvement and human resources development. Comprehensive training is conducted at all levels of operations and engineering within outside the country.

Kalrez Wireline considers health, safety and environment as the basic fundamentals of a high standard of services for the oil and gas industry. Safe handling procedures for hazardous materials are trained to all field crew.

Kalrez Wireline using CENTURY technology for main system in combination with AFFINITY DSP and LEE system.

Both Open Hole and Cased Hole Logging using CENTURY technology for main system and tools.

Open Hole Logging tools :

1. 9039 - Natural Gamma Ray, Short Guard Resistivity, Compensated Density Neutron, Caliper, Temperature

2. 9073 - Natural Gamma Ray, Deep Guard Resistivity, Compensated Neutron Tool

Cased Hole Logging tools :

1. 9053 - Natural Gamma Ray, Casing Collar Locator

2. 9073 - Natural Gamma Ray, Neutron

3. CCL - Casing Collar Locator

AFFINITY DSP system performed any signal processing from analog Logging tools i.e. CBL tool, SP, tension, and other analog signal from Logging tools. This system using EPI technologies.

LEE system support both technologies (Century & EPI) to provide Tension and Depth data and also to interface CCL signaling for perforation.

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